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RIPT Apparel 'RIPTcademy Awards' Collection 2017

Tee Fury Gallery Collection  2017

Tee Fury 'NEStalgia' Collection  2016

Tee Fury 'Strong Females' Collection 2016

Tee Fury 'Ultimate Gaming' Collection 2016

Tee Fury 'Anime' Collection 2016

Tee Fury ' Staff Picks' Collection 2016

Tee Fury 'Top Seller' Collection 2016

Tee Fury ' False Idols' Collection 2015

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Tee Fury 'Anime' Collection 2015

RIPT Apparel 'Bright Pink' Charity Sale 2015

Nucleus Gallery & Nickelodeon

The Legend of Korra / Avatar: The Last Airbender Tribute Exhibition - 2015





SARAH CAVE - Founder & Creative Director Little Blue Studios


The Shirt List -  2015


/ - 2015





Originally from just outside of Boston, I started Little Blue Studios in 1999 after selling my first series of illustrations. After I graduated from RISD in 2003 with a BFA in Film Animation & Video, I headed out west.


I currently reside in Los Angeles where I work in freelance design & illustration as well as motion picture and visual effect production.



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Visual Effect Society (VES)

Alumni Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)


Official Selection - RIPT Apparel Academy Awards Poster  Parody Contest  2017


Honorable Mention - RIPT Apparel Academy Awards Poster  Parody Contest  2016


Official Selection - Tee Fury San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) Artist Sticker Series 2015


Grand Prize Winner- Dark Horse Comics Aeon Flux Art Contest 'Aeon Jump' 2006


Best of Boston - Boston Underground Film Fest

'The Last Batch' 2004


Best Cinematography - Boston 48 Hour Film Fest

'The Last Batch' 2004